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NFT Jewelry

HanaGold NFT Jewelry
HanaGold NFT Jewelry
NFT has become a new trend in blockchain technology, especially in fine arts and games. Could it make a distinction in the luxurious jewelry market? Jewelry is an asset with long-term value, and NFT is perfect for a need to retain it for a lifetime. Therefore, HanaGold has pioneered in applying NFT technology to make jewelry collections unique in Vietnam.
Besides crafting jewelry tied to physical products, HanaGold also plans to launch NFT digital jewelry collections, similar to the NFTs on the current market.
What is special about NFT jewelry?
Owning an exclusive design of a jewelry collection is very different, but for NFT jewelry, the owner will be extremely proud to possess a protected design image around the world with only one unique smart contract address and private key. The image collections all have their own meaning, with interesting stories behind them.
The owner has the right to request that the physical version be made in any material such as gold, silver, natural stones, diamonds, etc. Of course, you will also know the amount and quality of gold and other materials to complete the physical version. The owner can hold an auction if he needs to resell it to another individual or organization for a much greater profit. Moreover, the owner can display the design at HanaGold gallery.
What types of jewelry does HanaGold NFT has?
  • NFT design drawings
    • A design drawing of the jewelry is minted into NFT to demonstrate the uniqueness of the design. This NFT acts as a worldwide copyright claim on the blockchain platform. Whoever owns this design will receive commercial rights.
  • NFT commercial copyright
    • NFT commercial copyright is the right to exploit the business from NFTs. Owners can form an exchange that buys and sells secondary NFT instances and deploy NFT product auctions to receive a huge amount of income from this franchise.
  • NFT gifts
    • The gift NFT is created in a physical version. Accordingly, the owner of the physical jewelry product will be issued a digital certificate that can donate this physical version of the NFT. In addition, this gift will be in the form of an NFT voucher that can be exchanged for goods at HanaGold and has attributes such as value, expiry date, rules, etc. These vouchers will be burned after use or expiration