Products and Services

Creating HanaGold's sustainable values

- Peacock gold coins: The HanaGold branded gold coin with the amount of 1, 2, and 5 maces of gold is the main product to meet the customers' need of converting from accumulated gold to physical gold.

- Jewelry shop 4.0: HanaGold gives opportunities to those who want to own a 4.0 jewelry store with an investment capital of minimum 500 million VND. HanaGold transfers the operating process quickly and efficiently, meeting the requirements of a new and pioneering business model in Vietnam

- Peacock jewelry set: This product has many versions, representing high-end jewelry products at HanaGold. Its presence in all franchised showrooms will add to the speciality of the 4.0 jewelry store chain

- Jewelry rental: This is a special service for the demand of using luxurious jewelry when taking part in important events. However, this service also has very strict customer selection criteria.

- HanaGold Rewards: Solution for employee rewards and marketing tactics. Applying the advantage of dividing the amount of gold, the HR department can reward employees according to each level of seniority. Similarly, marketing campaigns can be applied to reward customers for using our products and services.

- Jewelry processing: The form of realizing customers' ideas. HanaGold processes jewelry at the request of customers, both single item and whole jewelry sets, supports registration of design copyrights throughout Vietnam. Moreover, the owners can trade copyright by themselves.

- Brand golden coin: Solution for individuals and organizations to assert their brand on gold items. HanaGold engraves the brand name, logo on gold at the request of customers.

- Gold voucher: Including paper-made and electronic voucher. Users can create a voucher code with different amount of gold to give to their relatives and friends or use as lucky money in Tet or buy and sell by item.

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