Journey to become a HanaGold Brand Ambassador

Welcome to HanaGold KOLs Community!

We are looking for faces who can spread the beliefs and values of HanaGold to those around you. We look forward to a long-term companionship with you to develop the brand. Because we know that your contributions are absolutely amazing masterpieces!

Special tasks will be updated continuously for KOLs to show their talents and compete to receive worthy rewards from HanaGold.

  • The stirring group: Encourage users to download HanaGold app;

  • Talent group: Spread the brand to the community with your talent (singing, dancing, acting, painting, story-telling, etc. through videos and photos);

  • Group of images: Model for HanaGold jewelry;

  • Diplomatic team: Connect HanaGold to many domestic and international programs and events.

KOL's tasks

  • Spread the news and information about HanaGold to the community on channels;

  • Stay connected and interact with the community about HanaGold;

  • Establish and create new communities;

  • Stimulate the community’s interest and strong participation when introducing HanaGold;

  • Everything you can do to let the world know about HanaGold.

Benefits for you

  • Get well-deserved compensation

  • Receive bonuses, attractive rewards

  • Enjoy reputation with HanaGold

  • Special and secret gifts

  • Enjoy preferential products and services of HanaGold

  • And many more interesting benefits

If you successfully become a HanaGold KOL, you will need to report your achievements every week, we will reward you based on the content of your work.

Send request to become HanaGold KOLs at: contact@hanagold.vn

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