HanaGold system

The transaction cycle at HanaGold
Gold trading
Each franchised showroom is equipped with a technology platform to help manage and do business in the store as well as take care and develop customers in the system.
The transaction system of HanaGold is managed on the Mobile App platform, including 4 steps as follows:
1. Deposit
Top up your account quickly and easily via online banking, e-wallets, credit cards to be ready for transactions
2. Buy/Sell
Easily buy and sell golden assets online on the App anytime you want
3. Accumulate & Earn profit
Accumulate your assets with only VND 100,000 per day and earn passive income with an interest rate of 8%/year
4. Exchange
Exchange physical gold exchange at stores belonging to HanaGold chain nationwide and receive peacock engraved gold coins or other jewelry.
Other commodities trading
Order jewelry, jewelry gift items right on the HanaGold website and app. Find the nearest location to buy favorite products.