Pool NFT voucher

HanaGold DApp develop NFT Pools so that users can stake HNG in it to earn HanaGold Voucher NFT
How to receive NFT voucher:
Step 1: Connect with your wallet
Step 2: Users have to stake HNG in NFT pool
Step 3: Finally go to the Bounty section to claim
Functions of HNG NFT voucher: This HNG NFT voucher can be used to sell on the marketplace like normal NFTs Used to reduce prices when buying gold, silver and gemstone products from HanaGold brand
This HNG NFT voucher can only be applied to the products sold on the marketplace issued by Hanagold and units licensed by HanaGold, can not apply to products sold by users. In addition, this NFT can be used in real life as a normal physical voucher. All you need to do is to go to HanaGold's chain stores to buy jewelry and do a transaction directly with the store manager, then transfer this NFT voucher to the wallet of the designated store. After receiving the NFT and receiving the service fee, the store manager will release the equivalent jewelry and issue a sales invoice to the customer including the gold coin and processing fee.
Last modified 1yr ago